The "ml2mst" Marti T. van Lin idiot

Marti is a flaming homosexual who brags how his gay lover used to F*#% his brains out.

He posts ads on the web inviting total strangers (as long as they're hairy men) to come over and f*ck him up the rear and feed him some tube-steak down the throat.

Smoker: yes
Drink:  yes
Chems:  no response
Gangbang: no response
Paydates: no response

Discretion: I do not care

Again everyone on Bull Chat: I ONLY LIKE MEN WITH BEARD, goatee, mustache or beard. NO FACIAL HAIR = NO GO! NO CHEST HAIR = NO GO! I'm sorry, I really can not help it!

Furthermore I do not "require" and I am very accommodating. Men are always impressed by my "tight ass" (apparently quite unusual for my age), my tits and put my "pipe arts."

He records horrible music that resembles the sound you'd hear if someone was torturing a cat. He thinks this is music and posts it on the web for everyone to laugh at.

ml2mst attempts to make well reasoned sounding posts, but his obsessions get in the way. He sees trolls and homophobics behind every reply that disagrees with him. However this is a typical wellknown COLA lintards tactic.

Dr. Franz-Jozef Hueker was viciously attacked by ml2mst in alt.os.ubuntu. The combination of Dr. and bad German, was enough to bring him to the conclusion that it was "yet another troll". ml2mst is on the "Barnacle list, with persons who haunt usenet by calling almost anyone who disagrees with them, or offers dissenting opinions a "troll". In his deluded mind "net kooks" and trolls are "pursuing" him around Usenet.

He is easily driven to pathetic, useless attempts to NetKKKop people. He exposes his homosexuality widely across usenet. He brags about his dead friend Gerard "fucking his brains out", "Which you silly sissies can't accomplish". He is a COLA regular wannabe, his attempts to make friends with Roy Schestowitz, Mark Kent and other COLA liars are pathetic.

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