The chrisv liar

The moron who calls himself "chrisv" is for all practical purposes just as useless as the "Willy Boaster" idiot. His understanding of human communications is limited to one of two responses:

1 - Fsck you arsehole troll.
2 - *plonk*

In real life he isn't likely to be very bright. He probably has a job as an "assistant shift manager" at a Burger King. His only purpose on usenet is to make an honest replier, to a usenet post look bad. His idiotic plonking behaviour has no limits. He's a liar too because he bashes MS Windows Vista frequently, despite the fact that he avoids the question if he has ever used Vista, by saying *plonk*. He is a typical linux and COLA fuckwit, when confronted with facts that prove him to be an idiot he resorts to posting *PLONK*. His vocabulary is very limited, monosyllable and abusive like most Cola regulars. (plonk, idiot, wintroll, troll, felcher a.s.o)

This is the same moron who claimed that Negative feedback has many benefits, but "maintaining stability" is not one of them. When presented with overwhelming proof that he's wrong this nutcase then claimed that the EE professors at MIT, Princeton, Oxford and Caltech were wrong because they are all using a imprecise definition of stability. Folks, you can't make this sort of stuff up!

In just 6 days his diarrhea of the mouth oozed this and the Chris Ahlstrom idiot thinks he's intelligent and insightful. Chrisv is known as turdv and for good reason.

Just 6 days of vile ranting spew from the shitbag turdv:

* What a piece of shit liar you are, "Ezekiel".
* You're a piece of shit, "Ezekiel".
* You sure are a shitty and transparent liar, "Ezekiel".
* lying fsckwit Ezekiel
* Hey Ezekiel, you stupid piece of shit.
* What you can expect from lying assholes like "Ezekiel"
* bald-faced liars like "Ezekiel"
* Even his shitty pals, like "Ezekiel".
* that POS hypocrite "Ezekiel"
* Are you mentally retarded, cc?
* Apple is slimey. As are you, "Lloyd".
* You are indeed slimey, "Lloyd", as is your beloved Apple Corp.
* "Ezekiel" is a piece of shit,
* DumFSck
* "Ezekiel" You shameless fscking liar.
* "Ezekiel", You are a filthy liar.
* "Ezekiel", You shameless fscking liar.
* "Ezekiel", You shameless fscking liar.
* "Lloyd" is simply a lying piece of shit,
* What transparent, idiotic, lying, immoral assholes, "Lloyd" and
   "Ezekiel" are. What filth!
* How fscking obtuse do you want to be, "Ezekiel", you piece
   of shit?
* The trolling jackass filth "Lloyd" displays his ignorance
* Sounds like you're a piece of shit who attacks people for no
   reason, "GreyCloud".... you fscking asshole?
* What a fscking asshole, you are, "GreyCloud".
* "GreyCloud" you piece of shit
* Having fun sucking-off that vile troll, "GreyCloud?
* You're a piece of shit again "GreyCloud"
* Poor "Ezekiel". You are a filthy liar, a dumbshit, and a fscking
   asshole who makes a jackass of himself on a regular basis.
* fscking filth like Flatfish
* "GreyCloud" You piece of shit.
* "Ezekiel" you stupid piece of shit?

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