The Roy Schestowitz liar

Roy Schestowitz is a career college student at some liberal artsy university. He has never had a job or any responsibility in his life and his poor parents have been supporting his butt for many years. Instead of actually graduating like you're supposed to this proven liar spends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including all holidays) posting lies to every corner of the internet. He posts to a Microsoft-hate newsgroup called COLA for instance where he finds the time to make thousands of posts each month. Really... this is no exaggeration. He literally makes several thousand posts per month to this lowly newsgroup instead of studying or getting a job. He was posting so much and misusing his college computers so much that after several warnings and complaints his school had no choice but to suspend his internet posting privileges. (He's not supposed to use school computers for personal gain.) Now he uses Mark Kent's account (another linux liar) to spew his lies and hatred from.

He was recently found guilty of stealing artwork from other websites and posting them on his site despite the clear and obvious copyright warnings. He has no hesitation in shamelessly stealing the work of others and posting it up on his website as his own in order to try and make a few pennies profit.

Other than posting to COLA he has his own anti-Microsoft website and created for-profit websites that attempt to boycott linux vendors he doesn't like such as Novell, Xandros and etc. His specialty is to take news stories and twist the headline and contents of the story into something that was never written. Unsuspecting readers will see the post from Roy Schestowitz and assume it's the truth when in reality it's nothing but lies, delusions, ravings and rants from this immature child.


Robert E. Clayton said...

More shenanigans by Roy Schestowitz. In this example, you'll find that
Roy Schestowitz is spreading libel about Jimmi Hugh and refuses to
admit he is wrong even after he has been proven wrong using his own
evidence against him:

Roy Schestowitz is purposely trying to ruin Jimmi Hugh's name by
feeding Google's indexer this libel. Searching for "Jimmi Hugh" on Google turns up Roy's libel on the first page (and, as I do it right now, the third hit).

Robert E. Clayton said...

The following blog article is written by a respected Free Software developer exposing Roy Schestowitz for immoral activities with proof (an email from Roy Schestowitz signed with his very own PGP key).

Anonymous said...

A few months back, schestowitz made the claim that he (finally) received his phd. This isn't true. He may have finished the work for it, but it wasn't good enough to actually get his phd.

It's just another lie from schestowitz.