The William Poaster (Willy Boaster) liar

This complete loser is a waste of internet bandwidth for he has surely deprived several villages of their village idiot. He has never even attempted to make a post that requires any thought or insight. He is a unemployed janitor so the biggest decision he's ever made is whether the toilet paper roll needs replacing. Each and every one of his posts fall into one of two categories:

1) "I didn't read that 'trolls' post because my filters blocked it." - The typical COLA head-in-sand approach of not seeing or reading what you're afraid to see.

2) A "Me too" response to Kent, Schestowitz or anyone else who lies about "lienux." These morons will post any sort of ridiculous claim or insult and Willy Boaster will make a worthless post in order to show how he's "one of the boys" and how he agrees with them. This liar is "owned" by a reasonable poster named "Hadron Quark" and for some reason the psychotic Willy Boaster finds it necessary to mention Hadron at least once in every post he makes.

He is a worthless idiot. The only purpose his posts have is to show just how stupid a linux advocate can be. Really folks, if you ever see anything other than a "my filters..." or a "me too...." post from this moron then it'll be the day that the earth plummets into the sun.

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