The Mark Kent liar and proven hypocrite

Mark Kent is a self righteous liar who is also a hypocrite of the worst kind. He likes to make all sorts of claims and proclamations but he's clearly a "Do as I say and not as I do" type of hypocrite.

For example, he thinks it's his right to lecture people about how it is improper to attack other posters but he himself will often attack other posters for no reason at all. He thinks that it is his job to play "net cop" and scold others for posting what he considers to be "off topic" material. But he himself posts nonsense ranging from how a tail-wind lifted the Wright Brothers airplane off the ground to ridiculous stories about his homely sons. In this hypocrites mind it's off-topic if someone else posts it but on-topic if he posts similar or worse material.

For months this worthless scum argued that it is impossible for a British citizen to renounce their citizenship even after being shown the official form to do this on the british governments website. Obviously this Mark Kent troll has the intelligence of a sack of rocks.

He once made the claim that "There is no such thing as intellectual property" which is absolutely absurd. Here's the link:

Notice that he makes this blanket statement without any qualification at all. In his mind there is simply "No such thing as intellectual property" which is probably the excuse he uses to illegally steal the intellectual property of others because in the same post he defends that it's OK to steal intellectual property.

But then we learn the truth that Mark Kent HYPOCRITE claims on his companies website (his company is a certified Microsoft partner) that they are oh so proud of their INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY!!!

"At BT Global, our crown jewels are the services we supply to our customers. With jNetX we own the intellectual property for our services, allowing us to evolve the services as and when required."Mark Kent

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