The Linonut liar (Chris Ahlstrom)

This liar has nothing to say or add to the conversation. His posts are mindless little "one-liners" where he fails at his attempt at humor. Terms like "Billy Box" are probably funny for small children but grown-ups quickly tire of such tripe. His one liners are stupid and boring.

He is a typical linux and drooling COLA fanatic in several ways. First of all is that while he thinks of himself as some sort of "advocate" he's more of a hypocrite because he works as a junior QA weenie testing proprietary Windows software for a living. Then complains how bad Windows and proprietary software is. Worse yet he can't even convice his own wife and daughter to use linux who continue to use Windows every day!

Chris Ahlstrom is a wimp who has to beg his wife for an allowance.

"It's not so much the threat of divorce, as making your every moment at home a living hell. My wife used to dole out my weekly allowance, $20, and then quiz me about where I spent it, as she didn't expect me to buy snacks and such."

He's a weirdo who spends his time fantasizing about wiping another mans penis.

"I am not worthy to wipe your pee-pee <grin>."

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