The "ml2mst" Marti T. van Lin idiot

Marti is a flaming homosexual who brags how his gay lover used to F*#% his brains out.

He posts ads on the web inviting total strangers (as long as they're hairy men) to come over and f*ck him up the rear and feed him some tube-steak down the throat.

Smoker: yes
Drink:  yes
Chems:  no response
Gangbang: no response
Paydates: no response

Discretion: I do not care

Again everyone on Bull Chat: I ONLY LIKE MEN WITH BEARD, goatee, mustache or beard. NO FACIAL HAIR = NO GO! NO CHEST HAIR = NO GO! I'm sorry, I really can not help it!

Furthermore I do not "require" and I am very accommodating. Men are always impressed by my "tight ass" (apparently quite unusual for my age), my tits and put my "pipe arts."

He records horrible music that resembles the sound you'd hear if someone was torturing a cat. He thinks this is music and posts it on the web for everyone to laugh at.

ml2mst attempts to make well reasoned sounding posts, but his obsessions get in the way. He sees trolls and homophobics behind every reply that disagrees with him. However this is a typical wellknown COLA lintards tactic.

Dr. Franz-Jozef Hueker was viciously attacked by ml2mst in alt.os.ubuntu. The combination of Dr. and bad German, was enough to bring him to the conclusion that it was "yet another troll". ml2mst is on the "Barnacle list, with persons who haunt usenet by calling almost anyone who disagrees with them, or offers dissenting opinions a "troll". In his deluded mind "net kooks" and trolls are "pursuing" him around Usenet.

He is easily driven to pathetic, useless attempts to NetKKKop people. He exposes his homosexuality widely across usenet. He brags about his dead friend Gerard "fucking his brains out", "Which you silly sissies can't accomplish". He is a COLA regular wannabe, his attempts to make friends with Roy Schestowitz, Mark Kent and other COLA liars are pathetic.

The chrisv liar

The moron who calls himself "chrisv" is for all practical purposes just as useless as the "Willy Boaster" idiot. His understanding of human communications is limited to one of two responses:

1 - Fsck you arsehole troll.
2 - *plonk*

In real life he isn't likely to be very bright. He probably has a job as an "assistant shift manager" at a Burger King. His only purpose on usenet is to make an honest replier, to a usenet post look bad. His idiotic plonking behaviour has no limits. He's a liar too because he bashes MS Windows Vista frequently, despite the fact that he avoids the question if he has ever used Vista, by saying *plonk*. He is a typical linux and COLA fuckwit, when confronted with facts that prove him to be an idiot he resorts to posting *PLONK*. His vocabulary is very limited, monosyllable and abusive like most Cola regulars. (plonk, idiot, wintroll, troll, felcher a.s.o)

This is the same moron who claimed that Negative feedback has many benefits, but "maintaining stability" is not one of them. When presented with overwhelming proof that he's wrong this nutcase then claimed that the EE professors at MIT, Princeton, Oxford and Caltech were wrong because they are all using a imprecise definition of stability. Folks, you can't make this sort of stuff up!

In just 6 days his diarrhea of the mouth oozed this and the Chris Ahlstrom idiot thinks he's intelligent and insightful. Chrisv is known as turdv and for good reason.

Just 6 days of vile ranting spew from the shitbag turdv:

* What a piece of shit liar you are, "Ezekiel".
* You're a piece of shit, "Ezekiel".
* You sure are a shitty and transparent liar, "Ezekiel".
* lying fsckwit Ezekiel
* Hey Ezekiel, you stupid piece of shit.
* What you can expect from lying assholes like "Ezekiel"
* bald-faced liars like "Ezekiel"
* Even his shitty pals, like "Ezekiel".
* that POS hypocrite "Ezekiel"
* Are you mentally retarded, cc?
* Apple is slimey. As are you, "Lloyd".
* You are indeed slimey, "Lloyd", as is your beloved Apple Corp.
* "Ezekiel" is a piece of shit,
* DumFSck
* "Ezekiel" You shameless fscking liar.
* "Ezekiel", You are a filthy liar.
* "Ezekiel", You shameless fscking liar.
* "Ezekiel", You shameless fscking liar.
* "Lloyd" is simply a lying piece of shit,
* What transparent, idiotic, lying, immoral assholes, "Lloyd" and
   "Ezekiel" are. What filth!
* How fscking obtuse do you want to be, "Ezekiel", you piece
   of shit?
* The trolling jackass filth "Lloyd" displays his ignorance
* Sounds like you're a piece of shit who attacks people for no
   reason, "GreyCloud".... you fscking asshole?
* What a fscking asshole, you are, "GreyCloud".
* "GreyCloud" you piece of shit
* Having fun sucking-off that vile troll, "GreyCloud?
* You're a piece of shit again "GreyCloud"
* Poor "Ezekiel". You are a filthy liar, a dumbshit, and a fscking
   asshole who makes a jackass of himself on a regular basis.
* fscking filth like Flatfish
* "GreyCloud" You piece of shit.
* "Ezekiel" you stupid piece of shit?

The Linonut liar (Chris Ahlstrom)

This liar has nothing to say or add to the conversation. His posts are mindless little "one-liners" where he fails at his attempt at humor. Terms like "Billy Box" are probably funny for small children but grown-ups quickly tire of such tripe. His one liners are stupid and boring.

He is a typical linux and drooling COLA fanatic in several ways. First of all is that while he thinks of himself as some sort of "advocate" he's more of a hypocrite because he works as a junior QA weenie testing proprietary Windows software for a living. Then complains how bad Windows and proprietary software is. Worse yet he can't even convice his own wife and daughter to use linux who continue to use Windows every day!

Chris Ahlstrom is a wimp who has to beg his wife for an allowance.

"It's not so much the threat of divorce, as making your every moment at home a living hell. My wife used to dole out my weekly allowance, $20, and then quiz me about where I spent it, as she didn't expect me to buy snacks and such."

He's a weirdo who spends his time fantasizing about wiping another mans penis.

"I am not worthy to wipe your pee-pee <grin>."

The "High Plains Thumper" liar

A worthless nym-shifting moron who has also posted under all sorts of "nyms" such as Rafael for example. When accused of 'nym-shifting' he first denied it then did a pathetic attempt to ignore the accusation. When confronted with overwhelming evidence he then claimed that his pathetic nym-shifting was some sort of "social experiment" - is this guy a total loser or what?

He is often taken to task for making ridiculous statements that are grossly wrong. When confronted with facts that prove him to be an idiot he resorts to childish posting where he replies with some made up FAQ as if it proves something. All it proves is that "High Plains Rafael" is simply one of the dumbest linux advocates on the planet.

The Rexx Ballard liar

This blog would exceed its storage quota if we were to list all of the lies made by this looney tune. His posts tend to be about 100 pages long and rarely contain any truth or facts. He likes to claim how 8 out of 10 computers really run linux instead of Windows and how Microsoft had secret meetings with Novell in such and such a year. But somehow nobody anywhere knows anything about these "secret meetings" other than Rexx and there is no proof whatsoever for any of the claims he made.

Other "claims" from Rexx include that - He is the one who really developed Java. He also developed the web-browser. And SSH. And SSL. And that Martin-Marietta broke into his high school locker in order to steal plans for what they turned into military weapons.

If you want to see just how wacky and looney a linux advocate can get do read one of Rexx's posts and notice all of the grandiose claims that are routinely made followed by the complete lack of supporting evidence.

The [H]omer liar

[H]omer (aka [M]oron) is the type of linux advocate that companies like Microsoft love. He is so far "out there" and so out of touch that normal people will RUN away from linux and people like him as fast as they can.

For example, this idiot actually said that Microsoft is worse than what "Al-Qaeda did on 9-11." There you have it - what other proof do you need to see that this is a mouth foaming anti-Microsoft zealot of the first degree?

Homer is a paranoid idiot who claims that he could have completed the entire Munich conversion in 6 months.

Idiots like Homer are the primary reason that normal people want to distance themselves from these feaks and zealots.

The William Poaster (Willy Boaster) liar

This complete loser is a waste of internet bandwidth for he has surely deprived several villages of their village idiot. He has never even attempted to make a post that requires any thought or insight. He is a unemployed janitor so the biggest decision he's ever made is whether the toilet paper roll needs replacing. Each and every one of his posts fall into one of two categories:

1) "I didn't read that 'trolls' post because my filters blocked it." - The typical COLA head-in-sand approach of not seeing or reading what you're afraid to see.

2) A "Me too" response to Kent, Schestowitz or anyone else who lies about "lienux." These morons will post any sort of ridiculous claim or insult and Willy Boaster will make a worthless post in order to show how he's "one of the boys" and how he agrees with them. This liar is "owned" by a reasonable poster named "Hadron Quark" and for some reason the psychotic Willy Boaster finds it necessary to mention Hadron at least once in every post he makes.

He is a worthless idiot. The only purpose his posts have is to show just how stupid a linux advocate can be. Really folks, if you ever see anything other than a "my filters..." or a "me too...." post from this moron then it'll be the day that the earth plummets into the sun.

The Peter Köhlmann liar

Peter Köhlmann is a fake pretend German who serves no purpose at all. The only one possibly more worthless than this foul mouthed twit would be the Willy Boaster moron. This Köhlmann liar has never posted anything worth reading about computers, software, linux or otherwise. The only reason he posts at all is to call other posters who do talk about computers and software "morons, liars, trolls and scum."

This Köhlmann idiot is stupid enough to make broad sweeping statements about how all "Windoze users" or all "Mak users" are idiots, morons, uneducated and etc. Quite ironic isn't it - a loser like Köhlmann makes an uneducated statement about how all people who use an OS different from his are uneducated. This is something that a child with an 8th grade education would be smart enough not to say.

Köhlmann claims to be an expert in "anti-aliasing", "swap-files" and hyperlinks that conform to standards. Although he has proven on several occasions that he knows less than nothing about these topics - he knows wrong and inaccurate information. He is too stupid to follow a simple link and even stated that he will not read a link that proves his pathetic arguments wrong.

The Mark Kent liar and proven hypocrite

Mark Kent is a self righteous liar who is also a hypocrite of the worst kind. He likes to make all sorts of claims and proclamations but he's clearly a "Do as I say and not as I do" type of hypocrite.

For example, he thinks it's his right to lecture people about how it is improper to attack other posters but he himself will often attack other posters for no reason at all. He thinks that it is his job to play "net cop" and scold others for posting what he considers to be "off topic" material. But he himself posts nonsense ranging from how a tail-wind lifted the Wright Brothers airplane off the ground to ridiculous stories about his homely sons. In this hypocrites mind it's off-topic if someone else posts it but on-topic if he posts similar or worse material.

For months this worthless scum argued that it is impossible for a British citizen to renounce their citizenship even after being shown the official form to do this on the british governments website. Obviously this Mark Kent troll has the intelligence of a sack of rocks.

He once made the claim that "There is no such thing as intellectual property" which is absolutely absurd. Here's the link:

Notice that he makes this blanket statement without any qualification at all. In his mind there is simply "No such thing as intellectual property" which is probably the excuse he uses to illegally steal the intellectual property of others because in the same post he defends that it's OK to steal intellectual property.

But then we learn the truth that Mark Kent HYPOCRITE claims on his companies website (his company is a certified Microsoft partner) that they are oh so proud of their INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY!!!

"At BT Global, our crown jewels are the services we supply to our customers. With jNetX we own the intellectual property for our services, allowing us to evolve the services as and when required."Mark Kent

The Roy Schestowitz liar

Roy Schestowitz is a career college student at some liberal artsy university. He has never had a job or any responsibility in his life and his poor parents have been supporting his butt for many years. Instead of actually graduating like you're supposed to this proven liar spends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including all holidays) posting lies to every corner of the internet. He posts to a Microsoft-hate newsgroup called COLA for instance where he finds the time to make thousands of posts each month. Really... this is no exaggeration. He literally makes several thousand posts per month to this lowly newsgroup instead of studying or getting a job. He was posting so much and misusing his college computers so much that after several warnings and complaints his school had no choice but to suspend his internet posting privileges. (He's not supposed to use school computers for personal gain.) Now he uses Mark Kent's account (another linux liar) to spew his lies and hatred from.

He was recently found guilty of stealing artwork from other websites and posting them on his site despite the clear and obvious copyright warnings. He has no hesitation in shamelessly stealing the work of others and posting it up on his website as his own in order to try and make a few pennies profit.

Other than posting to COLA he has his own anti-Microsoft website and created for-profit websites that attempt to boycott linux vendors he doesn't like such as Novell, Xandros and etc. His specialty is to take news stories and twist the headline and contents of the story into something that was never written. Unsuspecting readers will see the post from Roy Schestowitz and assume it's the truth when in reality it's nothing but lies, delusions, ravings and rants from this immature child.