The Peter Köhlmann liar

Peter Köhlmann is a fake pretend German who serves no purpose at all. The only one possibly more worthless than this foul mouthed twit would be the Willy Boaster moron. This Köhlmann liar has never posted anything worth reading about computers, software, linux or otherwise. The only reason he posts at all is to call other posters who do talk about computers and software "morons, liars, trolls and scum."

This Köhlmann idiot is stupid enough to make broad sweeping statements about how all "Windoze users" or all "Mak users" are idiots, morons, uneducated and etc. Quite ironic isn't it - a loser like Köhlmann makes an uneducated statement about how all people who use an OS different from his are uneducated. This is something that a child with an 8th grade education would be smart enough not to say.

Köhlmann claims to be an expert in "anti-aliasing", "swap-files" and hyperlinks that conform to standards. Although he has proven on several occasions that he knows less than nothing about these topics - he knows wrong and inaccurate information. He is too stupid to follow a simple link and even stated that he will not read a link that proves his pathetic arguments wrong.

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